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Mountain Snowboard


Now our old friend and his fellows come to compete against each other by skiing.After three adventures under the scorching sun the monster and his friends yearn for colder climes. So the monster swaps his surfboard for a snowboard and heads for a winter-wonderland in the austrian alps. The little cute friends, back in their element, go crazy, forget completely about flying and throw themselves down the snowy slopes with the monster.Scores are built from a combination of what position you end in and the amount and type of tricks you managed to do along the way.There are 10 cute animals racing against the monster. Hit them to get points. This will knock the them out for a short moment, but make him angry. So they will be faster after that.You will get extra points for final race postition.READY? LETS GO!!!SCORE BOARD SUPPORTED! SUBMIT YOUR SCORE TO COMPETE WITH OTHER USERS AROUND THE WORLD!HOW TO PLAY
TAP the left half screen to turn leftTAP the right half screen to turn right